About us

THE2NDBOOT was based on a passion for rare and elite soccer boots. Realising the difficulty of trying to find rare and elite boots in South Africa, we made it our goal to make it easier for everyone.   

 We started by selling out the back of a car and never thought that we'd be where we are today. We now have over 100 pairs of rare and elite boots available, and have supplied the ordinary Sunday league player right up to professionals in South Africa, and worldwide. We can guarantee that we will provide what your ordinary store does not.

THE2NDBOOT has always prioritised the importance of customer experience. By using a holistic approach - we treat each customer as a 'teammate'; from the moment you interact with us, to the goal you score in your boots. You can always count on us. All of our boots are brand new, 100% certified and fully inspected by our team; all for you.

 So come be apart of our team, and let your feet do the talking.